viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Introducing you to...

I am Isabel, akas, Claudina Cavaco and I am opening my custom services for Blythe dolls. 

Meet some of my previous dolls.

I hope you like them. 

# 15 Rebeca

She will soon be living with Ana here in Galicia.

13. Ada 

Ada is a doll I made for myself and she is living with me.

12. Choiva

Choiva was made for the exhibition "Blythe, un novo imaxinario artístico" and is on her way to live with in the  USA.

11. Rebeca (yet again) 

Rebeca is living with lovely Howlita in Vigo.

2. Caroline

Caroline is a long story... She is doll I made for my dear sister. 

More examples of my work can be found in my album: